Transfer Systems

Ocelco's Transfer Systems include products for safety and/or medical emergencies. Choose from different size and style transfer boards and ambulance cots. Our Healthcraft Revo Patient Turner is designed to assist a caregiver in transferring a patient from one seated position to another. Transfer systems include different ambulance cot models. View our models and their features of each cot.If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service at 800-328-5343 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.Transfer Systems

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Price: $3,766.96
The Ferno 35A Ambulance Cot provides exceptional value for x-frame users. The 35A weighs only 74 lbs and has a record of dependability with over 20 years of use by EMS services all over the world. A full range of options and accessories enhance patient care and help reduce situations that may lead to patient or operator injury.
Price: $215.79
BeasyGlyder Transfer Board, 32" Long
Price: $209.21
Beasy II Trans Transfer Board - 27 1/2" Long
Price: $222.37
Beasy Trans Transfer Board - 40" Long
Price: $5,118.75
Ferno 28Z PROFlexx Chair Cots provide maximum versatility in confining environments. The Ferno 28Z transforms from a cot to a chair so you can easily maneuver through tight hallways, narrow staircases, and small elevators, without transferring the patient. The 28Z’s light-weight, superior stability, load capacity, and flexibility make it easy to handle in any situation.