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Aqua Tec Bath Lift for Standard Tubs

SKU: 224-311-CL
For the simple pleasure of a long soak in your tub, take a look at Beluga. This battery powered lift will lower you to the bottom of your tub and then raise you back to the top, without having to strain knees, hips or shoulders. Imagine the confidence of knowing you can safely get in and out of your tub with out the worry of slipping or falling. Reclining allows you to shampoo without getting soap in your eyes, or to lie back to enjoy the effects of the warm water. The lift lowers to 2.5" from the bottom of the tub, then the back support reclines 35 degrees. To return to the top, the back comes to the upright position and then the lift rises to the top of the tub.
Beluga operates with a push button hand control, that also has a safety light. The red light will glow when there is not enough charge in the battery to run the lift for a full cycle. A safety circuit will not allow the lift to lower if there is not enough charge to raise it again.
Removable covers are machine washable and line dry. They are made from blown PVC and there is no latex in any lift component. The lifting structure is constructed from plastics for ease in maintaining and cleaning the unit.
The Baluga is constructed from fiber-reinforced plastic. Covers are removable and machine washable with a built-in bactericide. The floating hand control has a push button for operation of lift and warning lamp for low battery charge. Four large suction cups secure the lift to the floor of your tub. The lift is maintenance free and rust free. Beluga includes a 12 volt sealed battery and charger. There is no latex in the Aquatec bathlift covers or other components.
Simply charge battery and lift is ready to use.
Lowers to 2.5" from bottom of tub for maximum water coverage.
Reclining back support for relaxing in warm water
Can be used with or without the washable covers.
Easy to use hand control with low battery indicator light.
Back support reclines to 35 degrees
Use with or without covers
Lowers to 2.5" from bottom of the tub
Length of seat - 18"
Width of seat - 15"
Width of top platform, opened - 27"
Height of back support - 23.5"
Footprint at bottom of tub - 12" x 24"
Height with adapters (1,2, or 3") - 19"
Back recline - 35 degrees
Maximum Lifting capacity - 300 lbs
Weight of lift (with battery) - 32 lbs
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Aqua Tec Bath Lift for Standard Tubs
Aqua Tec Bath Lift for Standard Tubs