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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Ocelco Inc is proud to supply a full line of emergency preparedness medical supplies for use in crisis response. Whether for natural disaster relief, triage emergencies during a MCI (mass casualty incident), or for terrorism response preparedness, Ocelco’s line of emergency preparedness products are perfect for making a timely and effective response to medical needs in the face of the unknown.

Multiple Options
All of Ocelco’s emergency preparedness medical equipment line can be purchased in singular units or in multiple unit, portable, containers. Singular units can be used as replacement units or for small operations and response requirements. However, Ocelco’s portable container solutions are perfect for large, scalable response requirements to meet the demands of the most intense challenges. Each of these containers can hold multiple foldable units, and each container is easily storable and transportable.

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Ocelco’s emergency preparedness line is made with a lightweight, durable PVC frame which makes it simple to deploy as triage medical products or triage medical equipment. Because they are easily transportable, they can also be brought to wherever the greatest need is, such as in the form of terrorism response medical equipment.

As with all of Ocelco’s products, if you are unsure of the correct set of emergency preparedness products or emergency preparedness equipment to fit your needs, please call our toll-free number and our representatives would be happy to help find the solution that works best for you.