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Breezy Ultra 4 Wheelchair 18 X 16 - Desk Arms
Product Details
Angle-Adjustable Caster Housings and Adjustable Axle-Position: Fixed tilt is a key ingredient in providing optimal function and posture for many users. By offering 3 vertical axle-positions plus standard angle-adjustable caster housings, the Breezy Ultra 4 is able to support both upright and tilted frame-orientations without fear of moving the caster housings out of square.
Three-Hole Fork and Axle Locations: Three adjustment holes in both the 8" caster-wheel forks and in the rear axle-mounts provide multiple seat-to-floor heights for each caster/wheel combination. This type of detailed adjustment is critical for the user with long-term needs who requires a precise chair set-up.
Angle-Adjustable Backrest: The angle-adjustable backrest provides RTS's, therapists, and dealers the option of customizing the backrest angle. This is very important in providing the most optimal position to meet each user's specific postural needs.
Quick-Release Axles: Quick-Release Axles are the perfect solution for the user on the go. Sold as a standard feature on all Breezy Ultra 4 models, quick-release axles make transferring chairs in and out of a vehicle really easy.
Overall Width (open): 26.5"
Seat To-Floor Height: 15.5"-19.5"
Width Seat: 18"
Depth Seat: 16"
Weight Limit: 250 lbs.

Comes with Swing-away Footrest or Swing-away Elevating Legrest, please choose below

Breezy Ultra 4 Features

Premium standard portable wheelchair with luxury and elegant style
The Breezy Ultra 4 high-strength, lightweight, portable wheelchair is a superior choice in its category. With a lightweight aluminum frame and adjustable components, the Breezy Ultra 4 helps you function at your best and responds to your changing needs.

Frame in Multiple Combinations
The Breezy Ultra 4's sleek, refined frame makes it one of the lightest folding wheelchairs in its class. Available in 40 ready-to-ship models, the Ultra 4 accommodates your specific needs to offer you enhanced function and positioning.

Premium No Charge Options
The Ultra 4 comes standard with premium features including quick-release wheels for easy transport, quick-adjust footrests, and up to three axle positions for adjusting seat height.

Breezy Ultra 4 Specifications

Overall Weight: Approx. 31 lbs. w/o footrests
Seat Widths: 16" - 20"
Seat Depths: 16" - 18"
Seat To Floor Heights:
17.5" - 19.5" ( Standard ) ( 24" Wheels, 8" Casters)
16.5" - 17.5" ( Hemi ) ( 22" Wheels, 6" Casters)
13.5" - 14.5" ( Ultra Hemi ) ( 20" Wheels, 6" Casters)
Color: Silver Vein Texture
Armrests: Adjustable Height ( desk or full length )
Overall Width: 26.5" For an 18" Wide Seat
Backrest Height: 17" - 19"
Axle: Quick Release
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
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