Breezy Ultra 4 Wheelchair

Breezy Ultra 4 Wheelchairs

The Breezy Ultra 4 high-strength, lightweight, portable wheelchair is a superior choice in its category. With a lightweight aluminum frame and adjustable components, the Breezy Ultra 4 helps you function at your best and responds to your changing needs. The Breezy Ultra 4 is a premium standard portable wheelchair with luxury and elegant style.

BREEZY standard wheelchairs are crafted from durable steel frames and are perfect for occassional or short-term use. Whether propelling the wheelchair using your arms, feet, or with assistance from a caregiver, standard wheelchairs include adjustable components and folding frames for comfort and convenience.

Sunrise Medical has done it again with the Breezy Ultra 4. This chair takes "standard" options to a whole new level. Included in the base price are features such as quick-release axles, flip-back and removable armrests, height adjustable backrest and an angle-adjustable caster housing. Until the Breezy Ultra 4, these options were only available at an additional cost.

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