Ocelco has a lot of replacement components for your sphygmomanometer. The list of components are 1 and 2 piece plastic and metal connectors, air release valves in standard and deluxe models, bulb and valve assembly in standard and deluxe style, 8’ black coiled tubing, BP gauge in economy and deluxe models, crystal for standard and palm gauge with retaining ring, and Mabis Single Patient replacement components.

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Price: $1.00
Crystal for Standard Gauge
Price: $3.11
Retaining Ring for Standard Gauge
Price: $4.51
Air-Release Valve - Standard
Price: $5.50
Air-Release Valve for Veridian Healthcare Sphygomomanometer.
Price: $13.17
Coiled Tubing - 8 ft
Price: $8.22
Bulb and Valve Assembly
Price: $7.70
Bulb and Valve Assembly - Deluxe
Price: $12.36
BP Gauge - Econo
Price: $14.40
BP Gauge - Deluxe Blue
Price: $19.54
BP Gauge - Deluxe
Price: $19.81
BP Gauge - Deluxe Black
Price: $2.67
Screwdriver for Adjustable Aneroid Gauge
Price: $5.40
Crystal for Palm Gauge