MRI Safety Signs

With our vast line of MRI safety signs, such as MRI lighted sign, plastic MRI warning signs, and the MRI split swinging sign, you will be able to find the one suitable for your MRI area. The MRI lighted signs come in either red or green lettering with standard saying of “MAGNET IN USE” or “MAGNET ALWAYS ON” or it can be made custom with your warning.  This one is also offered with lettering on either one side or two sides of the light. The MRI lighted sign is designed for use outside the MR room. The MRI Split Swinging Stop sign is available in English or Spanish. This one is used for outside the MR room.  The plastic MRI warning signs are also available in English or Spanish. These can be used in or outside the MR room.  We offer the plastic MRI warning sign with reflective lettering in case of a power outage.
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