Securemount Grab Bars

SecureMount™ Grab Bars
Did you know the #1 cause of emergency room visits for adults 65 and older is falls? And, the bathroom is the most common spot for these accidents to occur. Fortunately, this room doesn't have to be the "danger zone” any longer as Home Care® by Moen® introduces SecureMount™ grab bars.

Designed with Moen's exclusive SecureMount Flanges, each grab bar can be installed into a stud at virtually any angle making a great tool for elderly fall prevention. Six innovative flange openings include 3 elongated holes to make installing easy and convenient anywhere in the shower! With this ingenious design, the Moen SecureMount Grab Bar exceeds the ADA requirements with an unbelievable 500 pound weight capacity. Never be afraid to take a shower again!

Installation is as easy as 1-2-3 and can be completed under 13 minutes! Simply find a stud, drill 3 screws into 3 of the 6 provided holes. Installation can be made even easier using the Secure Mount Anchors if you want to install where there is no stud. After the installation is completed, simply place the flange to cover the screws to complete the look of your new grab bar.

Moen Securemount Grab Bars
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SecureMount Designer grab bars provide the ultimate in style and finishes at an attractive price
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Moen, Designer Elegance Grab Bar with Grip Pads