Specialty Walkers

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Price: $178.99
Drive Knee Walkers are ideal for those experiencing pain or discomfort following foot surgery, breaks, sprains or ulcers.
Price: $107.13
The Drive Medical Pediatric Glider Walker's wide base provides additional stability and it's adjustable handles accommodate any physical requirements.
Price: $125.00
Stander EZ Fold N Go Walkers are the worlds most lightweight and portable walkers on the market today.
Price: $269.41
List Price: $470.00
You Save: $200.59 (43%)
Price: $197.37
List Price: $395.00
You Save: $197.63 (50%)
Price: $78.39
List Price: $118.00
You Save: $39.61 (34%)
Price: $687.04
The Stand Tall Walker with manual height adjustment is designed for a patient or client that can stand on their own or with minimal assistance.
Price: $2,745.83
Rise and Go Walkers are ideal for users that need extra support and assistance when standing or walking. Bure Rise and Go walkers are electrically powered.

Price: $628.40
Dolomite Alpha Advanced walkers have support for patients forced to use the strength from the upper body parts and forearms to be able to walk.
Price: $628.40
Dolomite Alpha Basic Walkers are solutions giving added support for gait training, arthritis, orthopedic needs, after surgery.
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