Standard Canes

Ocelco has many styles of Standard Canes that are unique for your needs. The styles of the standard walking canes have patented features and state of the art technology. The Standard walking cane is designed specifically for your medical condition whether you need extra help after surgery or if you have a disease like Parkinson’s. These Standard canes are very innovative and give you the walking assistance you need. The Standard cane can be adjustable and come in various heights for any user. Ocelco has many styles of Standard canes the Strong-Arm Mobility Forearm Support Cane, Arcoa Pathlighter Safety Cane, Arcoa Atlas Fall-Free Cane, In-Step Laser Cane for Parkinson’s, Standard Curved Adjustable Offset Handle Aluminum Canes, Super Cane, Fisher Cane, and the Super Quad cane in small, medium and large.
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