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Toilet Safety Grab Bars

Toilet Safety Rails

Toilet safety rails and grab bars come in a variety of configurations and with a range of features that can suit any bathroom or toilet. Toilet safety rails are used by individuals that have difficulties sitting and standing. We carry a large variety of toilet safety rails for sale including standard toilet safety frames, stainless steel floor mount straddle bars, wall to floor toilet safety rails, PT swing up rails and wall mount straddle toilet bars.

Toilet safety rails are specially designed frames for toilet's to aid the user to sit or stand with greater ease and comfort. Standard toilet safety rails bolt directly to the commode to provide stability and safety. Stainless steel toilet safety rails can be floor mount, wall mount or a combination of the two. PT toilet safety rails have a dual offset bar that swings up to fold out of the way when not needed.

Built to Order Grab Bars are Non-Returnable.

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