About Us

Meet the employees at Ocelco, Inc. We are here to help you with any questions that you may have. Feel free to contact the proper person for your inquiry.

Name: Chris Bean

Title: Customer Service Specialist

Phone: 218-824-2465

email: Chris@Ocelco.com

Name: Dan Stockwell

Title: Shipping / Stock Supervisor

Phone: 218-824-2475

email: Dan@Ocelco.com

Name: Diana Bean

Title: Owner & Operator

Name: Dave Hanson

Title: Project Manager

Phone: 218-824-2445

email: Dave@Ocelco.com

Name: Deb Carlson

Title: Customer Service Specialist

Phone: 218-824-2437

email: Deb@Ocelco.com

Name: Erich Schulz

Title: CEO

email: Erich@Ocelco.com

Name: Jennifer Klimik

Title: General Manager

Phone: 218-824-2430

email: Jen@Ocelco.com

Name: Karla Umland

Title: Mail Room Supervisor

Phone: 218-824-2431

email: Karla@Ocelco.com

Name: Linda Magnan

Title: Statement Supervisor

Phone: 218-824-2440

email: Linda@Ocelco.com

Name: Mike Adams

Title: Media Specialist

Phone: 218-824-2466

email: Mikea@Ocelco.com

Name: Mike Bean

Title: Web Director

Phone: 218-824-2434

email: Mike.Bean@Ocelco.com

Name: Rachel Bakkila

Title: Customer Service Specialist

Phone: 218-824-2432

email: Rachel@Ocelco.com

Name: Shane Warta

Title: Webmaster

Phone: 218-824-2468

email: swarta@Ocelco.com

Name: Terry Vold

Title: Purchasing Supervisor

Phone: 218-824-2454

email: Terry@Ocelco.com