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Built tough to withstand the worst abuse and remain operable for years, WebbLok shade systems offer a cordless, automatic leveling system that provides simple operation and is virtually indestructible. The toughest window shade on the market, WebbLok shades have proven themselves in mental health facilities for over 35 years. Preset leveling stops give the shades an architecturally pleasing appearance from the inside or outside of the building. Installed with heavy-duty security boxes and security fasteners, they provide a safe, durable, and attractive solution. WebbLoks can also be installed directly onto security screens in lock-down wards. Used in psychiatric facilities and institutional settings such as developmental centers, Alzheimers wards, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, Job Corps and at-risk youth centers. Meets all The Joint Commission (TJC) requirements for mental health areas. Enhance Wellness with WebbLok Shade Systems. A healing atmosphere can improve the patient's quality of life, as well as that of visitors and staff. 

Cordless Window Shade System

Virtually indestructible, these unique window shades are designed specifically for psychiatric facilities and institutional settings where high user abuse is likely to occur, such as developmental centers, alzheimers wards, drug and alcohol rehab centers, and at-risk youth residential centers. This shade is built tough to withstand the worst abuse and remain safe and operable for years. Many WebbLok shades are still in use after 20+ years. Meets all JCAHO requirements for psychiatric areas with user-friendly operation.

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