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Dressing Aid Tools

Vivi Multi-Purpose Pocket Dresser - Dressing Aid Tool is a patented, pocket sized, all-in-one dressing aid containing four tools in one which fold neatly away when not in use. This all-in-one assistive device for dressing includes a quick-release hand strap and pocket clip making it convenient to take with you where ever you go and to keep easily accessible when your needing to utilize one of its many features.

The Zipper Pull feature on the Pocket Dresser allows you to pull up or pry out buried zipper tabs. This dressing aid also makes undoing shoe laces quick and easy. Utilizing the Button loop provides excellent control when fastening mid-sized shirt buttons. The Small button hook is Ideal for small or delicate shirt collar buttons while the Vivi Multi-Purpose Pocket Dresser's large button hook easily handles thick denim jean buttons.

The handy Vivi Multi-Purpose Pocket Dresser can be used in so many ways and different situations. This multi-purpose dressing aid is backed by a 1-year Limited warranty.

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Price: $12.99
Button Hook Model V is designed to work with any button size with a narrow tip that locks the button in place for easier maneuverability.
Price: $38.51
Vivi Multi-Purpose Pocket Dresser is the perfect, handy and convenient All-in-one dressing aid that you can keep easily accessible and take with you anywhere you go.
Price: $4.43
Metallic Plastic Shoehorn's with a curved hand grip for easier grasping.
Price: $10.38
Unbreakable Plastic Shoehorn's has a curved hand grip for ease in grasping. It can be bent and folded to fit inside a travel bag or suitcase.
Price: $16.51
Telescopic Shoehorn's can adjust from 12” to 30” in length. Ideal for packing in your suitcase or overnite bag.
Price: $10.94
Soft Handle Shoehorns make shoehorns easier to grasp for persons suffering from arthritis or having difficulty holding a smaller handle.
Price: $11.60
Soft Handle Shoehorns make this shoehorns easier to grasp for persons suffering from arthritis or having difficulty holding a smaller handle.
Price: $51.79
Shoe & Boot Valets are the perfect device to alleviate, and in many cases, eliminate the pain and embarrassment for millions of people who have a problem doing the simple everyday task of putting on and taking off their footwear.
Price: $24.72
Built Up Plastic Handle Button Hook
Price: $11.26
Dressing Aid Sticks are a plastic coated combination hook/pusher assists in putting on shirts and jackets, pulling up slacks or skirts, or removing socks. The small hook on the opposite end aids in pulling zippers and shoelace loops.
Price: $20.64
Zip It Dressing Aid
Price: $14.01
Sock & Stocking Aid
Price: $75.17
Single EZY Sock Helper
Price: $84.06
Double EZY Sock Helper
Price: $58.42
Bend Aids Hip Replacement Kit are ideal for anyone recovering from hip, knee or back surgery. Includes the most popular assistive devices for independent dressing and bathing.
Price: $251.55
Garment Rack
Price: $272.84
Garment Rack- Tall
Price: $314.04
Garment Rack w/3 Drawers

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