Fall Management Clothing - Kit

Fall Management Clothing - Kit / Blanket and Accessory components are designed to assist in fall prevention measures by helping to identify high fall risk patients and protect them from injury in the event of a fall. Our Fall Management Blankets, Socks, Slippers and Posey Essential and Deluxe Fall Management Kits are all offered in color specific choice options making it easier for staff members to quickly identify a high fall risk patient while providing  stability, warmth and comfort all while allowing for patient ambulation and walking. 

Shower Slippers are the perfect solution for patients at increased risk for falls in the shower, requiring  latex-free rubber soled footwear for traction to prevent falls. Posey Hipster Briefs, shorts, and sweatpants for men and women constructed with high impact-absorbing viscoelastic pads help protect bones against injury from falls. Soft, comfortable pads help improve compliance versus hard-shell products. The discreet low-profile pads are virtually undetectable under clothing allowing for patient dignity and the removable pads allow for cost effective pad replacement.
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