MRI Safety

Our line of MRI safety equipment, such as MRI signs, floor safety, ribbon and tape, are readily available to insure, not only your safety in a MRI room but more importantly the patients safety when having a MRI scan. One of the many MRI-compatible products is MRI safety signs and MRI safety stickers. The safety stickers can be adhered to expensive equipment that is not allowed outside the MRI department or in areas where the MRI safety signs will not fit. The MRI safety floor mats are a great warning item when anyone is entering the MRI unit. Custom mats are also available. MRI safe floor cones or stanchion post easily portable anywhere in a MRI facility. The MRI screening magnet is a must MRI safety product. It will find what sometimes patients forget (the magnet is NOT MRI safe). And, it can be used to check any equipment that may enter a MRI department to insure the item is safe for the MRI environment. If by chance an accident would occur, we offer MRI safe fire extinguishers that will not harm the expensive MR unit. Our line of MRI safety equipment and other MRI-compatible products also includes safety books and videos to educate not only the staff but the patient as well.

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