Home Aids

Home living aids help patients or elderly complete tasks that they are unable to do anymore. We carry a wide selection of different independent living products including writing aids, reachers, dressing aids, furniture risers, key turners, recreational aids and much more.

Home living aids
are any item, piece of equipment or product that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of people with disabilities. Many senior living aids are used in group homes, long term institutions, and in residential homes. Elderly or disabled persons have a great need for disability living aids and find that using these products, they are able to take care of themselves.
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Price: $125.71
Safety Glo bedside handrails have a unique glow-in-the-dark hand rail that is easy to find when you need to shift your weight or maintain your balance while trying to stand.
Price: $4.17
List Price: $5.49
You Save: $1.32 (24%)
Price: $3.75
List Price: $4.99
You Save: $1.24 (25%)
Price: $11.02
Lamp Switch Extension Lever
Price: $32.65
Turning Knob Operator
Price: $8.93
Large Handle Key Turner
Price: $11.17
Tube Squeezer for Toothpaste, Ointments and Lubricants
Price: $10.92
Ring Writer Clip
Price: $5.32
Steady Write Writing Instrument Refills
Price: $27.13
For right or left hand use Designed to alleviate the pain of writing associated with arthritis and other hand afflictions.
Price: $9.18
Steady Write Writing Instrument
Price: $49.45
Page Turner
Price: $33.37
Battery Powered Card Shuffler
Price: $173.96
List Price: $233.66
You Save: $59.70 (26%)
Price: $223.59
Bowling Ball Pusher