Home Aids

Home living aids help patients or elderly complete tasks that they are unable to do anymore. We carry a wide selection of different independent living products including writing aids, reachers, dressing aids, furniture risers, key turners, recreational aids and much more.

Home living aids
are any item, piece of equipment or product that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of people with disabilities. Many senior living aids are used in group homes, long term institutions, and in residential homes. Elderly or disabled persons have a great need for disability living aids and find that using these products, they are able to take care of themselves.
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Price: $133.33
Safety Glo bedside handrails have a unique glow-in-the-dark hand rail that is easy to find when you need to shift your weight or maintain your balance while trying to stand.
Price: $4.46
List Price: $5.49
You Save: $1.03 (19%)
Find a Light GloPlates require no electricity. An attractive, functional addition to your home that provides both safety and convenience.
Price: $4.02
List Price: $4.99
You Save: $0.97 (19%)
Find A Lights use no electricity as these patent pending glow in the dark switch plate accents store light they need to receive during the day to glow at night; a solution to a problem.
Price: $14.95
Light Switch Extenders are a great device for children, wheelchair users, persons with tremors or a weak grasp. 14" (35cm) long, this handle lowers a regular height light switch to a more convenient height. A rubber cap fits over the light switch knob.
Price: $12.32
Lamp Switch Extension Levers Fit most standard lamp threads.
Price: $26.84
Illuminated Magnifiers are useful in the car for studying roadmaps and in rooms that have no reading lamps.
Price: $36.43
Turning Knob Operators turn knobs, faucets, valves and keys. Turning device for people with hand disabilities or arthritis.
Price: $7.45
Finger Grip Key Turners provide large plastic finger loops and the necessary screws to assemble handles on two keys. Suited for people with limited manual dexterity or finger strength. 2 pair / pkg.
Price: $9.96
Large Handle Key Turners held people with limited hand dexterity or arthritis manipulate keys with ease.
Price: $9.70
Universal Hand Clips are the perfect solution for people with arthritis or reduced hand strength. Spring action hand clip fits snug against the hand. Attaches to objects with strips of heavy-duty hook and loop. Can be used on phones, cups, bottles, hair brushes, etc.
Price: $12.38
Tube Squeezers simplify squeezing tubes and reduces waste by getting all of the contents out.
Price: $18.99
Suction Cup Reacher Grabbers make it easy to retrieve items, reach high shelves and behind furniture by securely lifting objects up to 5 pounds, including smooth surfaces such as glass and metal.
Price: $19.99
Claw Reacher Grabbers easily retrieve dropped or out of reach items without overstretching, the fine tooth grip makes it easy to snag small items and are strong enough to hold 5 pounds.
Price: $20.99
Rotating Reacher Grabbers are lightweight and heavy duty. Can easily reach top kitchen shelf's, behind appliances, keys on the floor and trash on the ground.
Price: $14.20
26" Straight Reacher's are high quality with durable aluminum and extremely lightweight.
Price: $26.84
32" Straight Reacher's are high quality made with extremely lightweight aluminum.
Price: $30.86
26" Folding Reacher's are high quality and made of extremely lightweight aluminum.
Price: $17.84
Folding Reacher Grabbers add 32" of reach, the folding reacher grabber allows you to reach high shelving, dropped items and behind furniture and appliances without painful twisting and bending.
Price: $13.39
32" EZ Assist Reacher's help people with special needs achieve more independence in their lives. Offering excellent quality at a value price, it will help reach items up high or low.
Price: $12.05
Ring Writer Clip
Price: $5.84
Steady Write Writing Instrument Refills
Price: $29.95
For right or left hand use Designed to alleviate the pain of writing associated with arthritis and other hand afflictions.
Price: $10.23
Steady Write Writing Instrument
Price: $54.05
Page Turner
Price: $12.73
Maddak Hands-Free Plastic Card Holders are Multipurpose Aids and attractive fan-shaped playing cardholders that are perfect for anyone with limited skill, strength, and ability.
Price: $36.48
Battery Powered Card Shuffler
Price: $13.00
CarCaddie™ Stand Assist will help you get in and out of your vehicle with ease.
Price: $43.57
StandEasy Chair Lifts help people stand compared to the typical recliner.
Price: $19.00
Armchair lever extenders offer ergonomic curved grips, powder-coated finish, and are easy to install with no additional tools required.
Price: $160.97
Couch Canes allows you to stand with confidence from your favorite couch and adds additional support to your lift chair.
Price: $211.81
List Price: $233.66
You Save: $21.85 (9%)
Assist A Trays ensure stability and protect floor from damage. Assist A Trays make standing and sitting easy and safe.
Price: $245.46
Bowling Ball Pusher