PVC Shower Stretchers

Shower Gurneys and Stretchers
Our PVC shower gurneys and stretchers are available in pediatric, standard and bariatric sizes. PVC Shower gurneys and stretchers are used in facilities to transport an immobile patient to and from a bathing area. We carry a wide selection of shower trolleys and gurneys for sale including multi-position and adjustable shower gurneys, PVC sling shower stretchers, self propelled shower stretchers, bariatric shower gurneys and all terrain beach stretchers for outdoor activities.

Shower trolleys and stretchers are rolling devices that allows a patient with limited body movement and strength to be transported to a bathing area. The patient can then remain on the shower gurney or stretcher while being bathed for they are made of water resistance materials. The medical grade PVC piping frame and mesh sling are durable and long lasting making our shower beds and stretchers valuable medical equipment, perfect for nursing home shower transfers.

If you have any questions about our shower gurneys, please contact our Customer Service at 800-328-5343 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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