MRI Maintenance / Janitorial Supply

MRI Maintenance / Janitorial Supply - Cleaning / Equipment line offers an array of products and equipment to keep your MRI facilities environment clean, safe and in working condition for all. Our Janitorial cart is a handy piece of equipment to store all the cleaning supplies you need to keep easily accessible while moving from one location to another. The Cart has a platform that is ideal for holding mop buckets with plenty of extra room and shelves to load up with your MRI-Non-Magnetic MagnaWand Cleaning Wand and surface disinfectant / decontaminate cleaner Cavicide spray and wipes, safe to use on non-porous surfaces. Cavicide is perfect for cleaning and decontamination of environmental and medical device surfaces. We offer an array of MRI cleaning supplies ranging from vacuum cleaners and accessories, MRI Mop Duster Frame and Handles along with replacement mop duster pads, mop heads, MRI Non-Magnetic mop buckets, sanitation products and Clean Mats.

MRI Maintenance in high, difficult to reach areas is made safer and easier when utilizing our MRI Ladder - Single / Double Side, along with your choice of variety of MRI Non-Magnetic tools and accessories. Our non-magnetic tool line includes, wrench sets, hex key sets, titanium tools, screw driver sets, adjustable pipe wrenches, bronze tools, speed handles, pliers and cutters, hammers, ratchets and accessories and MRI tool kits.

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