UpLift Seat Assist - Portable

UpLift Seat Assist - Portable / Self-powered Seat is a portable and economical lifting seat, providing up to 70% lifting assistance for those needing help to stand, without the need for electricity. The UpLift Seat Assist weighs just 9 pounds, with a built-in carry handle to allow use in or outside the home on most armchairs or sofas. 

UpLift Seat Assist uses a hydro-pneumatic gas spring rather than electricity, the patented LevelLift Technology ensures gentle and safe lift without pushing you forward. Standard UpLift Seat provides assistance for those up to 220 pounds, while the  Standard UpLift Seat Assist Plus provides assistance for those up to 350 pounds to enjoy the freedom of effortlessly raising from a seated position. UpLift Seat Assist Cover accessory is removable and waterproof making it easy to protect and care for your UpLift Seat Assist and is dark blue in color.

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