Skin Care - Washcloth / Wash Cream

Skin Care - Washcloth / Wash Cream promotes effective peri-care, essential for keeping your skin, soft, nourished and moisturized throughout your daily cleaning regime. Our cleansing products both washcloths and wash cream make keeping your skin healthy easy and convenient all in one step. 

Skin Care - Washcloths are pre-moistened with aloe, vitamin E and Chamomile or with a Floral-scented lotion and are available in soft packs or tubs for easy pop up access. The washcloths are offered in regular strength or heavy weight embossed in 48 sheet packs or can be purchased in a case of 12 packs. 

Our Skin Care - Wash Cream moisturizes and protects in one easy step. The cost effective cream is offered in 8.5 fl oz tubes, 16.9 fl oz bottle, or in a 33.8 fl oz bottle.
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Price: $16.32
Flushable Wipes are designed to gently cleanse and care for sensitive skin. Flushable Wipes are safe for sewers and septic systems and alcohol free.
Price: $31.87
Flushable Wipes are made with a new technology making them biodegradable and safe for sewer and septic systems. Providing patient comfort, these flushable wipes are pH balanced and alcohol free to help reduce skin irritations while the touch of aloe helps soothe the skin.
Price: $4.49
Gentle Fresh Soft Pack Washcloth, Pre-Moistened
Price: $4.17
Gentle Fresh Soft Pack Heavy Weight Embossed Washcloth, Pre-Moistened