Feeding Aid Dishes And Utensils

Feeding Aid Dishes And Utensils - Clothing Protectors are ideal for people who have oral motor limitations, limited range of motion of the head, neck or upper extremities, or arthritis. Our feeding aids dishes and utensils are excellent products for small children or individuals who are prone to spills and are all dishwasher safe.

Feeding Aid Cups are available in an array of designs to aid people with limitations and offer options such as those that allow people to drink without tipping their heads back to drain the glass, providing space for eyeglasses, unique handles eliminating the need for gripping power, extra wide bases reducing the occurrence of accidental spills, ergonomic grooves providing a positive grip and spill resistant lids. Feeding Aid Scooper Bowls and Plates are equipped with a suction cup base to prevent skidding and a reverse curve on one side aiding in scooping food onto a utensil. Our Pediatric Cutlery with built up handles and Universal Cuff assist toddlers and adolescents with limited hand strength or motion. The Feeding Aid Clothing Protectors are available in small, medium, large and extra large for protect clothing when accidental spills do happen and are all machine washable.
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Price: $5.89
Nosey Cups 8 oz, Three Color Choices
Price: $10.66
Replacement Lid for Sure-Grip Cups
Price: $8.79
Scooper Bowl(4 1/2") or Plate(6 3/4") w/Suction Cup Base
Price: $15.36
Pediatric Easy Grip Cutlery w/Built-Up Handle, One Fork & One Spoon/Set
Price: $33.09
Pediatric Securgrip Cutlery, Choose Spoon or Fork
Price: $12.64
Pediatric Universal Cuff, Fits Toddlers to Adolescents
Price: $20.54
Clothing Protector, Small (Neck Ring 12"), Color Choice
Price: $20.54
Clothing Protector, Medium (Neck ring 14"), Color Choice
Price: $20.54
Clothing Protector, Large (Neck ring 16"), Color Choice
Price: $20.54
Clothing Protector, Extra Large (Neck ring 18"), Color Choice