Bathroom Aids

One of our newest senior and disability bathroom aids is the innovative hands free toilet flushing system, The Foot Flush. This unique product takes just minutes to install without tools, and is great for kids, people with back pain and limited mobility, and seniors. Another new bathroom aid is the Touch Free Faucet Adaptor. Attaches to the existing faucet and is excellent when hand movement is limited or the faucet does not shut off all the way. Along with that, we are offering the family toilet seat. This product is great for daycares and facilities catering to patients of all ages. The Telescopic Handy Scrub, along with the Long Handle Toilet Brush, will help make cleaning the bathroom more manageable. We also offer the Extra Long Handle Sponge for cleaning. These senior bathroom aids make it easier on your back for any age. Our other great handicap bathroom accessories include the tube squeezer, great for toothpaste or ointments.

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