Digital Thermometer - Probe / Infrared

Digital Thermometer - Probe / Infrared, digital and easy to read thermometers and accessories provide an accurate way to get a  reliable and quick reading when you or your family are sick. Choose from an assortment of digital thermometers, oral, rectal, forehead, ear, pacifier or under the arm options and accessories to fit your needs. Our thermometers offer a fast, 10 to 60 second readout in either Fahrenheit, Celsius or both. Many feature beeper function to indicate peak temperature, memory recall of last reading and auto shut-off feature. 

Our assorted thermometer probe covers are a safe and convenient way to help provide a sanitary environment for the patient, as well as the healthcare provider. Always staying ready and prepared is easy with our Replacement Battery Pack for V Temp Pro.
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Price: $136.35
Wireless Bluetooth Ear Thermometers are more than just an ear thermometer, with probe cover detection and ejection features for accurate and germ-free temperature detection.
Price: $74.00
This laser thermometer accurately measures temperatures from a safe distance. The infrared thermometer accurately measures Celsius or Fahrenheit on its LCD display. Features include an ergonomic trigger to give you total control.
Price: $29.45
Non-contact Thermometers uses advanced infrared technology allowing body temperature detection without contact, reducing cross-contamination and without waking individuals up through the night.
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BACKORDER UNTIL JUNE | HealthSmart Infrared Forehead Thermometers deliver clinically accurate temperature readings in seconds without skin contact.