MJM PVC Surge Overflow Line

MJM PVC Surge Overflow Line - Disaster Preparedness Products are essential in the field of trauma and emergency medical care departments to assist in Emergency Department Decompression / overcrowding during times of an emergency surge overflow. MJM PVC Privacy Screens are healthcare grade and give special needs to patients, the privacy that they need for bed bathing, doctor consultations, surgery, or nurse patient privacy. MJM PVC Surge Overflow Folding De-Con Transfer Chair is mildew resistant, has dual swing away arms for easy transfer and folds for easy storage.

MJM PVC Adult and Pediatric Surge Overflow Beds are an easily assembled gurney with color triage information system for medical personnel for emergency overflow. The Surge Overflow Beds feature stainless steel total lock threaded stem casters, a patient chart holder, personal effects bag and IV Pole. We also offer MJM PVC Surge Overflow Cribs individually or in a 3 crib package, Folding De-Con Transfer Chairs in a 5 pack, MJM PVC Pediatric or Adult Surge Overflow Bed Packages with your choice of 3,4 or 5 beds as well as a PVC Surge Overflow 10 Cot Package to ensure disaster preparedness in your emergency department during surge overflow.
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