MRI Infuse Aid Pressure Infusor

MRI Infuse Aid Pressure Infusor - Bag / Inflation Assembly is built to provide positive pressure for rapid fluid infusion, arterial blood pressure monitoring, and irrigation during surgical procedures. Every MRI Infuse Aid undergoes 100% inflation testing for leaks prior to being packaged and shipped to customers. Infuse Aid has been tested for use in MRI up to 1.5 T Conditional, making it an ideal choice for critically ill patients requiring MRI, they can now undergo MRI procedures without interruption of treatment.

MRI Infuse Aid Pressure Infusor Bags and Inflation Assemblies are Earth-Friendly by design, reusing the inflation bulb and tubing assembly has reduced the carbon footprint by 70% and the packaging material waste by 25%, there has also been a decrease in hospital disposal costs. Infuse Aid is Latex and DEHP free, helping to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. With safety in mind, Infuse Aid also incorporates a pressure relief valve to help prevent over pressurization.
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