Gardening / Outdoor Aids

The long handled or long reach gardening tools are great for individuals who need to sit on a stool or in a wheelchair while working in their garden. These adaptive gardening tools are for those who love to garden and are unable to use the conventional gardening tools. These disability work tools are available in a trowel, hoe, fork, or cultivator. The arthritic spigot handle, The Gripper, is comfortable and attaches over the existing spigot turning knob. This is also great for the hot and cold valves in a laundry room.

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Price: $8.77
Groovy Grips are uniquely designed to fit the natural contours of your hand, providing a more stable and secure working grip for your everyday tools.
Price: $62.55
Fishing Pole Holder for Wheelchairs clamp on fishing pole holder keeps a good grip on the pole while it makes the reel available for one-handed operation.