Fall Prevention Exit Alarm - UMP

Fall Prevention Exit Alarm - UMP, And Accessories provide quality methods of patient monitoring for staff to use for fall prevention and to minimize risk to the patient's safety. We offer an array of Bed and Chair Exit Alarms and Monitors such as the UMP Economy Pull String Alarm, UMP Standard or Deluxe Chair or Bed Sentry Monitor, with or without a 1 Year Pad or Seat Belt, UMP Standard,Timed or Moisture Resistant Bed or Chair Pad, UMP Floor Mat and the UMP Infrared Bed / Door Monitor all with a wide range of options and features available to meet your staff and patient needs.

The UMP Fall Prevention line has many different personalized accessories to assist with fall prevention. Quality replacement parts and accessories such as UMP Cushion Protectors, UMP Cord / Magnet Assembly for Pull String Monitors, UMP 9V AC/DC Adapter, UMP Seat Belt, UMP Chair Strap, UMP Receiver Extender, UMP Nurse Call Cable, UMP T-Connector for use of Nurse Call Button with Monitor, and the UMP Push Button Call Cord, 7.5ft Cord, and the UMP Universal Bed Bracket, are all available to ensure you are always able to keep your bed and chair exit alarms in a dependable and working order.

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