Rehabilitation And Exercise Equipment

Rehabilitation And Exercise Equipment - Physical Therapy resistance and strength training supplies deliver performance, value and quality obtaining better rehabilitation outcomes with exercises increasing range of motion, strength and stability. Drive Overdoor Exercise Pulley conveniently fits over standard door and is designed to safely and easily increase range of motion. Exercise Peddler options are ideal for leg and arm muscle exercising with adjustable resistance and stimulate circulation. For those patients needing exercise and strengthening for fingers, hands and wrists we offer Sammons Preston Therapy Putty.

Exerstrider Fitness Trekker Walking Pole's hardened carbide-tipped ferrules provide sure grip on anything from rock to ice and our exclusive Cushion tips allow you to use the poles on any stable natural surface, pavement or even on fitness club tracks or at the mall. We have an array or Thera-Band resistive exercise products and accessories offering unlimited treatment and exercise options with a full spectrum of colors and resistance levels. Our Crawl Trainers are designed for children without head control and support the user and instruct, encourage and reinforce crawling. Shoulder Ladders and Wheels are tools used to increase range of motion in the shoulder. Many other rehab supplies are available for rehabilitating patients and physical therapists such as the Horseshoe Therapy Tables, Physical Therapy Stools, Mini Staircases and Omron Digital Pedometers.
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Omron Digital Pedometers count normal and aerobic steps and provides a readout of calories burned, distance and time traveled, setting fitness goals and view your progress.