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Wheelchair Guides

Wheelchair Seat and Arm Guides

Seat and arm guides work just like rail guides except they are for detachable and swing away armrests.
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Price: $8.84
Invacare Arm Plug
Price: $9.25
Detachable Arm Guide Cone, Invacare, Black Plastic
Price: $11.00
Invacare Seat Guide
Price: $13.76
Invacare Pivot Link for 20" to 22" Wide Wheelchairs are designed to improve wheelchair maneuverability. The link provides better stability and access in tight spaces.
Price: $13.76
Invacare Cross Brace Pivot Links connect two cross braces together, making the wheelchair portable and more compact.
Price: $15.12
Invacare H-Block with Socket Cup fits Invacare Tracer EX, EX2, SX5, and SX5 Recliners, 9000 XT, 9000 SL and 9000 XT Recliner.
Price: $21.33
Drive Medical Front Seat Saddle for Wheelchairs
Price: $25.96
Pivot Link for Medline wheelchairs, hardware included.
Price: $51.08
Right Rear Arm Socket Cam
Price: $51.08
Left Rear Arm Socket Cam

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