MRI Imaging Aids

MRI Imaging Aids - Shields / Markers / Image Enhancers all designed to protect the patient, provide clear reference points and help complete the goal of obtaining a more accurate scan. CT Scan Shields - Adult / Pediatric reduce the risk for latent carcinogenic effects of ionizing radiation on radiosensitive tissues during a CT scan without significant changes in image quality. 

MRI Markers - Multi-Modality / Skin - Non-Magnetic multi-modality and surgical skin markers are designed to provide a clear and accurate reference point identification on any type of scan and fine or broad line marking for surgical applications. Securline Surgical Skin Marker features a versatile tip for precise fine line marking preferred in plastic surgery. Or, when held at an angle, broad line marking for applications in general, neuro, and vascular surgery, as well as radiology and radiation therapy.

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