TEMPS Bed System - EPS Accessories

TEMPS Bed System - EPS Accessories And Attachments provide immediate additional bed capacity for triage during a MCI, ( mass casualty incident ), or routine emergency department surge overflow. Triage And Emergency Management Preparedness Beds System consists of an easy to assemble, knock-down patient gurney in standard or bariatric, and a color coded, visual indicator that provides critical triage information to medical personnel at a single glance. 

EPS, ( Emergency Preparedness System ), mobile transport and storage cart, with dust cover, holds 5 TEMPS Beds in the space of 1, and can be easily moved to any location within the hospital or triage area. Developed in conjunction with leading experts in the field of trauma and emergency medical care, the TEMPS Bed System and available EPS accessories and attachments have proven their effectiveness in rigorous multi-casualty situations in hospital across the U.S.

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