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WebbGlide Window Shade System

The new WebbGlide shade system offers cordless fingertip control with the the added benefit of privacy tracks. Adapted as a lower cost version of our WebbLok shade system, the WebbGlide is a durable and attractive alternative for offices, hospital patient rooms, schools, dormitories, retirement homes, military housing, and any other environment needing trouble-free window treatments. Large windows can be motorized or operated with a clutch system. Ocelco is an expert in planning and installing motorized shade installations throughout the USA. Our motorized shades utilize our privacy track offering increased security, durability and glare reduction. WebbGlide shades can be mounted with a blackout shade or a solar screen shade in the same window to optimize light control for every situation.

Cordless Fingertip Control Window Shades

The innovative WebbGlide shade system features cordless fingertip control with the added benefit of exclusive privacy tracks, offering increased security, durability and glare reduction (light filtering, solar screen, and blackout). Eliminating cords, wands, and pulleys, the simplicity of design gives you a long-lasting easy-to-use shade. The flat vertical surface repels dust, and can be wiped clean and sanitized right in the window. Currently used in healthcare, military barracks, schools, dormitories, elder care, offices and other facilities needing user-friendly, easy to clean, durable window treatments. Our exclusive Energy Saving Privacy Track, combined with shade fabrics, block more than 80% of solar heat and 98% of harmful sunlight UV rays will lower both indoor temperatures and energy consumption at least 25-40%.

WebbGlide Window Shade System Features:

The WebbGlide Window Shade System offers increased security, durability and glare reduction.
This heavy-duty window shade is perfect for your healthcare, senior living, education and corporate spaces.
Eliminating cords, wands and pulleys, the simplicity of the design leave you with a long-lasting, easy-to-use shade that stops where you leave it.
This shade system comes with side channels, which help keep the shade in place to ensure complete privacy for guests and patients (shade systems are also available without side channels).

WebbGlide Benefits:

WebbGlide Benefits
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