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Curtain Track and Hardware

Curtain Track and Hardware

Curtain Track Hardware

Curtain Track Hardware is required to suspend curtain tracking from ceilings including straight curtain track, curved curtain track and curtain track carriers. Our ceiling track system for curtains has many uses and a variety of applications. We sell all the curtain track hardware needed to hang a curtain from your ceiling including curtain track carriers, curtain track end stops, curved curtain track, splicing clamps and curtain track ceiling clips for facilities with suspended ceiling track systems. Many hospitals and clinics use curtain track systems in patient or emergency rooms. Curtain track can also be used in an individual's home to add privacy or dividing a room for additional work space. Curtain Track and flexible curtain track can be used for hospital cubicle curtains. All of our hospital curtain track has many applications. Our hospital curtain tracking is perfect for new construction jobs as well as repairing existing cubicle tracking. We have all the parts and hospital curtain track hardware necessary to create complete, customized curtain tracking solutions that fit your needs.

Curtain Tracking

Ocelco's ceiling curtain tracks is made with 16 gauge extruded aluminum. Our curtain tracking is sold in 8 foot lengths. The curtain track can be attached to many ceiling types, screw directly to solid ceilings, use ceiling clips to attach curtain tracking to suspended ceiling or use suspension tube to drop curtain tracking in areas with high ceilings or where obstructions prevent mounting the curtain track directly to the ceiling. Curtain tracking curves are bent to 12 inch radius, available in 90 deg. and 45 deg. bends, 2 feet by 2 feet. Other curtain tracking bends and curves are available upon special request.

Curtain Track Quotation Form
Curtain Track Quotation Form

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Price: $40.12
Straight curtain tracks are perfect for drop ceilings as well as suspended tubing methods. Mount any hospital curtain to this easy install straight curtain tracking.
Price: $43.47
Curved curtain track is used when designing hospital curtains around a bed or door. Curved curtain track easily connects to our straight curtain track.
Price: $43.47
Curved Curtain Track helps with any obstacle you're designing your hospital curtains around. This curved curtain tracking is easy to install.
Price: $3.61
Curtain Track Splicing Clamps join curtain track together to make one extended piece of track. Splicing clamps are necessary to connect any 2 pieces of track.
Price: $5.29
End Stop and Snap Out Fitting with Fixed Hooks are a 3 in 1 curtain track hardware for use at each end of your curtain track.
Price: $2.80
Removable End Stop is crafted with precision and built to last, OptiTrac Removable End Caps offer a seamless integration into your privacy environment.
Price: $6.78
Fast-Cap No Drill Track End Stop is a revolutionary solution that combines innovation and convenience. Designed to provide a hassle-free installation
Price: $2.80
Curtain track end stops prevent curtain track carriers from falling off the curtain track. Any location where the end of your track does not meet a wall, you need an end stop.
Price: $2.73
Curtain Track Snap Out Fittings permit easy replacement or installation of curtain track carriers.
Price: $2.37
Curtain Track Carrier Hooks are used to suspend hospital curtains from ceilings.
Price: $2.37
Curtain Track Carriers that breakaway are primarily used in high-risk situations such as psychiatric hospitals or shower rooms.
Price: $9.05
Curtain Track Ceiling clips mount your track to the ceiling. Place ceiling clips every 3' for a secure installation.
Price: $28.97
Joining sleeves for cubicle track systems connect straight track with curved track.
Price: $40.12
Suspension tubes are used for a suspended drop tube method of track installation. Used when mounting track to tall ceilings or ceilings with obstacles. 7' 10" Tube Length.
Price: $22.56
Ceiling flange connects your suspension tubes to the ceiling. Connect the ceiling flange to the ceiling with fasteners.
Price: $1.39
screw inserts go inside the ceiling flange and hold suspension tubes in place. Screw inserts are necessary for suspended drop tube methods.
Price: $19.83
Nylon Wall Brackets fasten the track to the wall when using the suspended track installation method.
Price: $14.63
Cross brackets can subdivide up to four different tracking areas. Cross brackets are perfect for areas that need to be subdivided for any reason.
Price: $14.68
T-Brackets are used to join 2 tracks into a 90° connection. T-Brackets are only needed when installing the suspended method.
Price: $5.41
Drop Chains are used when a hospital curtain mesh top is not available due to obstruction in ceiling objects.
Price: $2.73
PVC Drop Strips are used when space is required. Often used with the suspended track method.
Price: $8.65
Curtain tie-back chains hold your hospital curtains open and attach to your existing curtain track.
Price: $45.09
Ceiling IV Pole Carriages are used to glide through curves and bends of track and easily locks into place.
Price: $50.24
Ceiling IV Pole Carriages are used to glide through curveds and bends of track and easily locks into place.
Price: $105.51
This 5 Bag IV Holder comes at a fixed height however the top pole is still adjustable. This Fixed Height IV Holder works with our cubicle curtain tracking.
Price: $105.51
5 Bag Adjustable IV Holder is completely adjustable mount your cubicle curtain track directly to ceiling or use suspended method with cubicle curtain suspension drop tubes.
Price: $105.51
This 9 Bag IV Holder is completely adjustable. This Adjustable IV Holder works with our cubicle curtain tracking.
Price: $105.51
This 9 Bag IV Holder comes at a fixed height however the top pole and bottom 4 bag holder is still adjustable. This Fixed Height IV Holder works with our cubicle curtain tracking.

Curtain Track Help

Ocelco sells everything that you need in order to set up a complete hospital curtain track or shower curtain system. Our knowledgeable and helpful representatives will work with you to ensure that you get exactly the right hospital curtain track or curtain tracking solution custom tailored to your specific needs. Ocelco even warranties the material of the hospital cubicle curtains for one year against defects under normal handling and construction. If you have special needs, you can call call us at 800-328-5343 and our representatives will be happy to discuss additional personalized options for your hospital curtain track.

Our Equipment

Ocelco also reminds you to inspect your current curtain track and hardware for damage when placing your order for curtain track, because Ocelco carries a complete line of hardware perfect for repairing damaged tracks and ensuring a functioning, safe curtain track system. Ocelco's tracking hardware and curtain tracking is perfect for new construction jobs as well as repairing existing tracking. Ocelco's curtain tracking parts are constructed from anodized 16 gauge aluminum, heavy duty nylon material, PVC, and nickel-plated brass and steel. Each of our curtain track parts are extremely durable and long-lasting, perfect for extended use.

Curtain Tracking Installation Tips

Prior to installing the curtain track hardware, the job should be laid out on the floor first by placing the track on the floor in its intended position and the fittings in their location. This will prove valuable not only in determining whether the required number of parts and/or accessories is actually on hand, but also in determining their proper location and placement.

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Ocelco has long been an industry leader in delivering durable medical parts and medical equipment at low prices. Ocelco has also been a leader in innovation in the field with products such as the original Ocelco Pill crusher and the new Hand Held Pill Crusher as well a diverse line of custom wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, parts and accessories. We carry a full line of medical privacy curtains and hospital curtain track, black out curtains work well for room darkening. Our hospital curtains come in many styles and colors to choose from. Curtain track can be mounted directly to most ceilings or suspended with our track suspension tube.

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