Pediatric Bulb Aspirator/Syringe

Pediatric Bulb Aspirator / Syringe - Pedia Pals Elephant Ear Syringes were created to allow doctors to perform their task while reducing the young patients anxiety, helping them to feel welcomed in the environment. The Elly nasal Syringe has soft rounded tip for child's comfort. The Pediatric Bulb Aspirator / Syringe has the same recovery time as typical syringes and are washable and durable.

Pedia Pals Pediatric Bulb Aspirator / Syringe in one-piece molded construction made with soft Rotocast PVC with its non-toxic hand painted decoration. Pedia Pals Nasal Syringes are high quality and field tested products that allow patients to feel comfortable in the doctors office.
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