Alkaline Batteries 9Volt, 12/Pack

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Alkaline Batteries 9Volt, 12/Pack
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Battery-powered mobility systems provide thousands of Americans with additional freedom and independence. But none of these ingeniously designed vehicles can perform to its full potential without a top-quality battery as its fuel source. In fact, choosing the right Home Medical Equipment (HME) battery can actually enhance your mobility equipment’s performance and safety, simplify charging and maintenance and, in the long-run, save you time, money and peace of mind.
Premium sealed batteries capable of up to 500 cycles that are fully laboratory tested
No liquid of any kind; battery is completely sealed; safe in any position
Maintenance free; water is never added; low liability
Travel & ship easily; MK batteries are F.A.A, IATA, and UPS approved
Safety sealed batteries have a special re-sealing vent system that prevents excessive internal pressure; thus they cannot explode under normal conditions
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