Bath Grab Bars

Everyone has at some time or another slipped on the wet floor in a bathroom, and perhaps you were lucky enough to not get badly hurt when it happened. On most bathtubs today there are handles on the sides that help you get out of the bath to stop you from slipping on the wet surface. For the average person these are sufficient to help you get out of the tub, but for people who are physically disabled, the elderly, or invalids recovering from injuries, extra features should be added to bathrooms. There are stunning aids for many different purposes, and for bathrooms you can install bath grab bar rails that will keep you steady when getting out of the bathtub. If you were looking around online to find the best in a bath grab bar, for the best value for money, Ocelco will definitely delight you with these plus the wide range of other products in personal medical aids we offer.

Our Equipment
We are an authorized, registered supplier of the top range of medical aids, diagnostic machines, personal care products and equipment, suitable for nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, and home care online. Find the top quality new designs in a bath grab bar, with accessories like mounting plates and anchors, in stylish designs to choose from. You can find dozens of categories listing further orthopedic aids, physical therapy machines, and diagnostic machines for doctors, and nursing professionals, plus even a range of walking aids and wheelchairs at our online store. Outfit your bathroom with safe bath grab bar features, to allow invalids and people with limited mobility to bathe with dignity, preventing nasty accidents that can happen on slippery bathroom floors.

Equipment Design
You may think that a bath grab bar installed in your bathroom may look out of place, but this is certainly not the case with the attractive designer range on the market, like the brushed nickel chrome bath grab bar models for example. Ocelco offers you further accessories to mount them anywhere you wish in your bathroom, obviously within easy reach to help you with support when you need it. Nursing homes will find a bath grab bar, plus a full range of equipment for bathrooms, including special toilet grab bars, raised seats, and anti-slip products to choose from. You can save money by buying bulk wholesale or individual items. Register your institution account, or as an individual, to shop through the top quality range of medical equipment and personal aids that money can buy.

We Can Help
A bath grab bar is not particularly expensive, so consider it a great investment in bathroom safety. Maternity hospitals that install a bath grab bar will definitely help their patients, and frail care elderly nursing homes can consider this an investment in safety for the invalid and frail members. Ocelco is pleased to provide you with the best prices online for this equipment, and anything else you need to provide your patients with the best in facilities for their comfort and dignity. You will definitely find what you need in our product range, whether it is something as simple as a bath grab bar or as sophisticated as a blood pressure diagnostic monitor kit.