Special commodes facilities are required for elderly and physically disabled people, and through ongoing research into the best designs, some superb products are currently available on the market. What may be an everyday easy task for people with full use of their limbs, can be a huge struggle for disabled people, and the elderly, or those recovering from extensive injuries! Special commodes chairs, rings, lids and pans, have been designed for comfort and ease of use for patients, and for home care nursing. At Ocelco we are pleased to offer you the best in all the newest commodes, manufactured to stringent quality standards, and using durable materials designed to last.

Our Equipment
Medical institutions will find a full range of all the equipment they will ever need for patient care, from commodes for ablution, to bathtub safety features that should be installed to prevent nasty injuries in bathrooms and ablution facilities. Institutions can register an account to look forward to exceptional value for money wholesale prices for commodes if this is what you have been looking for, plus equipment across the board for patient care, including specialized machines for doctors and nursing professionals. commodes for physically disabled like special seats, bed pans, Invacare, commodes, pails, and toilet seats can be browsed through on our website. Find full details and specifications to help you make the right choices.

Equipment Design
It is important to check out the different specifications data for commodes so that you can choose what you need for different weights and sizes of patients, or if they are for your own use, to make sure they are exactly what you need. We have heavy duty commode chairs, with removable arms and commodes, raised toilet seats, splash guards, and commode buckets with lids for some further examples. commodes equipment comes designed with material that is easy to keep clean and sterile for patient use, in stainless steel, and enamels or chrome depending on what you wish to invest in. Have a look at the tough heavy duty shower commodes chair, multi-purpose equipment with weight capacities of up to 650 pounds, or the model that comes with built in commodes ring, with matching pails.

Ocelco is pleased to offer you commodes at just a fraction of the vast range of products we have available for patient and frail care, as well as suitable for physically disable people. Just because some people do not have all the normal bodily functions a normal person may enjoy does not make them any less a person with feelings and needs. Our personal patient care equipment is designed to give everyone dignity and quality care while being practical to use and comfortable. Order quality commodes from us and get the best designs currently on the market. Call our customer care for expert advice and suggestions to choose suitable commodes for specific needs, and after secure online payment options, they will be shipped to your desired locations.