Cubicle Curtain Track

Ocelco sells everything that you need in order to set up a complete cubicle curtain track or shower curtain system. Their knowledgeable and helpful representatives will work with you to ensure that you get exactly the right cubicle curtain track or curtain tracking solution custom tailored to your specific needs. Ocelco even warranties the material of the hospital cubicle curtains for one year against defects under normal handling and construction. Ocelco's cubicle curtain track is constructed with inherently fire retardant fabric that lasts throughout the lifetime of the cubicle curtain track to enhance safety and durability. All of Ocelco's curtains are made to order to accommodate cubicles from 72" to 234" wide and showers from 36" to 108" wide. If you have special needs, you can call their toll-free number and their representatives would be happy to discuss additional personalized options for your cubicle curtain track.

Our Equipment
Ocelco also reminds you to inspect your current cubicle curtain track and hardware for damage when placing your order for a cubicle curtain track, because Ocelco carries a complete line of hardware perfect for repairing damaged tracks and ensuring a functioning, safe cubicle curtain track system. Ocelco's tracking hardware and curtain tracking is perfect for new construction jobs as well as repairing existing tracking. Ocelco's curtain tracking parts are constructed from anodized 16 gauge aluminum, heavy duty nylon material, PVC, and nickel-plated brass and steel. Each of their hospital cubicle curtain track parts is extremely durable and long-lasting - perfect for extended use.

Equipment Design
When setting up a cubicle curtain track, make sure to not be left in a compromised or embarrassing position. Check your cubicle curtain track and curtain tracking hardware often for signs of wear or damage. Mount you cubicle curtain track directly to ceiling or use the suspended method with cubicle curtain track suspension drop tubes. Some Hospital curtain tracking systems require drop systems due to very tall ceilings your obstacles that might prevent direct ceiling mount of cubicle curtain track. The Ocelco ceiling cubicle curtain track and hospital curtains are also very versatile, able to be used for a variety of additional uses including but not limited to serving as patient bed enclosures, shower areas, room dividers, photography backdrops, and many others.