Grab Rails

There are different types of grab rails are usually used in the bathroom and toilet, but can be positioned anywhere around the house in order to provide support to those who really need it. Placing these rails in a convenient location will help a handicap individual in the following ways:

i. To provide a means of steadying support while the person is seated ii. grab rails helps the individual to push or pull against when getting up iii. To provide balance when standing up, dressing up or taking a walk iv. To provide a very firm support when transferring from one position to the next

Most grab rails are attached to the wall, but floor and ceiling rails are also available as well. The type of support rail will depend entirely on the situation for which it is needed. Experts advise that users should choose between a combination of horizontal and vertical grab rails, because it can be very useful. If you are searching for top quality rails, then Ocelco is definitely the answer. This company offers top quality grab rails at very reasonable prices.

Before You Choose a Grab Rail When you decide to buy a grab rail you must understand that there are different factors that you have to consider first and foremost and these factors are:

a) If you suffer from a visual impediment, it is advised that you go for colored grab rails that clearly contrast with the wall of your bathroom or wherever you plan on placing the rail. b) Make sure you check and ensure that the rail is comfortable to hold and also check if there is enough space between the rail and the wall, in order to allow for a firm grip. c) You have to make sure that grab rail is very comfortable to hold especially if the person who is going to be making use of it has weak or aching hands. Experts recommend that the rail should have a diameter of about 1 inch to 1A inches d) Experts recommend that a grab rail should be a space of about 1½ to 2 ½ inches between the rail and the wall.

It is very important that grab rails are well positioned in order to provide the necessary support for which they have been purchased.

Horizontal Rail - these rails helps the individual push up from a seated position and to provide support when lowering i.e. on a toilet. Most individuals find it much easier to push down on a grab rail than pull themselves on one, which is why horizontal grab rails are mostly used. " Inclined Rails - these rails are fixed at a slight angle and are mostly used by people who have weak or aching arms or wrists to provide firm support for their forearm on the rail while they are pushing up, this process helps them to spread their body weight all without hurting themselves. " Vertical Rails - these grab rails are used for pulling up into a standing position. Ocelco provides the highest quality grab rails at wholesale prices.