Handicap Bars

Handicap bars are one of the most useful items in a shower designed for a handicap individual who has trouble standing or positioning their bodies. These handicap bars will help the person position themselves to the spot they want or find most comfortable. For people who are temporarily or permanently confined to the wheelchair, handicap bars allows them to take a shower and bathe themselves without help from anyone else. Ocelco is a company where hospital and nursing home supplies can be bought at wholesale prices.

For the elderly, the chances of tripping and falling down is quite high, which is why handicap bars can be found in most nursing homes and hospitals. The Installation of handicap bars in showers and rest rooms is one of the ideal ways to avoid slipping and falling incidences which could lead to being slammed with a law suit. There are two types of handicap bars Basic handicap bar - these bars are permanently screwed into the wall" Suction handicap bars - these bars can be easily removed and then placed where it is needed.

These bars are also great for making it easier for elderly or handicap persons to get around the exterior and exterior part of a home or hospital. Angled, horizontal and vertical handicap bars are used in different kinds of environments. Handicap people can place one of these bars to get up the porch, near the rest room, in the hallway or in the shower. Handicap bars are almost the same thing as a wheelchair transfer to a toilet, a transfer from a wheelchair to a handicap designed shower is aided with these bars. The person will get to pull his or her weight towards the bar with one of their hand and use the other hand to push off the wheelchair - however, a good amount of upper body strength is needed for this process. Searching for top quality handicap bars? Ocelco supplies top quality handicap bars at very reasonable wholesale prices.

Experts advise that handicap individuals should have at least two of these bars in their bathroom, one of the bars should be near the entrance to the shower (for wheelchair transfer) and the other should be located inside the shower, in order to be used as a way to stabilize oneself. With these handicap bars, the shower life of a handicap person will change for the better.

There are many suppliers of handicap bars out there but Ocelco promises to deliver quality handicap bars at very reasonable prices too. Hospitals and nursing homes need these bars because as patients begin to feel a little bit better and decide to go on with their lives, they will not be needing assistance in the bathroom anymore. For most people, being helped to move around especially to the bathroom can be very upsetting for them, but with handicap bars, handicap people can easily move around with very minimal assistance from anyone. These bars are also very useful in the home environment especially where elderly people and or people who have difficulties standing or positioning their bodies live.