Hospital Curtain Track

A hospital curtain track serve different purposes in the hospital, most people know that curtains are hung over windows. Curtains that go on hospital curtain tracks are used for different purposes and not just used for keeping the sunrays out.

Hospital Privacy Curtains
Being hospitalized is most times not a very pleasant experience. There are times when patients need some privacy whenever nature calls or when the doctor wants to carry out an invasive examination. Hospital curtain track is used for setting up cubicle curtain system, this way whenever a patient in the hospital needs a little privacy; they simply draw the curtain and viola! They will have all the privacy they want. Ocelco supplies everything a hospital needs to set up a cubicle curtain system. Ocelco hospital curtain track is made of very strong material and tailored to meet specific needs. The representatives of Ocelco work with clients in order to ensure that they get the exact hospital curtain track solution. They even warranty the material of the hospital curtains for a whole year against defects - that is, if the curtains are managed under normal circumstances. Ocelco's cubicle hospital curtains are made with a fire retardant material that is made to last throughout the life span of the cubicle curtain in order to enhance not just safety but durability as well.

Shower Privacy Curtains
Shower Privacy, Having privacy in a hospital cubicle is one thing, having privacy in a hospital bathroom is another thing entirely. The hospital curtain track is also used to set up a shower curtain system, so that you will not have to worry about other people walking in on you when you are in the shower. Ocelco supply made to order hospital curtains and can accommodate showers from 36 inches to 108 inches wide; they make provision for "special needs" as well.

Room Divider There are times when there is a need to create a room for emergency cases, curtains are the fastest way to divide a room and make space when the need arises.

Built To Last A hospital curtain track is designed to provide several years of service, they are also a great choice for automation especially for people who want their cubicle curtains to open at the push of a button. Ocelco hospital curtain track is extremely durable and is guaranteed to serve customers for a very long time.

We Can Help
There are a lot of medical supply companies out there but if you are searching for a very reliable and reasonably priced hospital curtain track and other hardware for setting up a cubicle curtain system and more, then you need to do your hospital supplies shopping at Ocelco. With Ocelco, you are sure of getting quality at an affordable price, all of Ocelco hospital curtain track are long lasting and very resistant to wear. Ocelco offers clients total value for their money, what else do clients require in a product? If you have any questions please call our Customer Service Representatives