Dressing Aids

We offer the latest in assistive devices for dressing for your senior or handicapped patients. We have a variety of dressing aids for elderly and disabled patients such as button hooks, shoehorns, a dressing stick, zipper pulls, and sock helpers. Our dressing aid button hooks are available with a rubber, foam, or plastic handle. The sock helpers are available in different styles for your personal need. Whether for socks, stockings or pantyhose we have the dressing aids for disabled and elderly patients to help. When dressing is not as easy as it used to be, our dressing aid stick can be very helpful along with the zipper pull or Velcro button and shoe aids. Our shoehorns come in a variety of lengths, colors, and designs with the most unique being the Shoe & Boot Valet. There is also the soft handled shoehorn, colored shoehorns, and an unbreakable shoehorn. You can also choose a shoehorn with a back scratcher for those hard to reach places.

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Price: $18.08
Vivi Multi-Purpose Pocket Dresser
Price: $8.95
Dressing Aid Stick. A plastic coated combination hook/pusher assists in putting on shirts and jackets, pulling up slacks or skirts, or removing socks. The small hook on the opposite end aids in pulling zippers and shoelace loops.
Price: $11.70
Wear Ease Shoe Fastener