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EVA Support Walkers

EVA Support Walkers are comfortable therapy walkers that aid post-operation patients by supporting their weight while exercising. Also referred to as a "Cardiac Walker", the Eva walker is easily adjustable to suit different patient heights, while the welded steel frame provides added security and safety. Designed with comfort in mind, the Eva Walker comes equipped with padded arm rests that are molded with a forearm cutout so user's arms do not slide out, while comfortable handgrips in front of the armrests provide users with a more ergonomic grip. The Eva Walker offers step on caster-locks in the rear and all casters swivel 360°. This type of support walker is especially ideal for physical therapists who are helping the patient.

The EVA patient support walker was designed with cardiac patients in mind that have sternal precautions (no pushing, no pulling, limit reaching, avoid twisting and bending) as it allows for safe gait training with support from the walker without breaking any of the precautions. The EVA therapy walker takes 80% of the pressure away from the sternum compared to a standard walker, which allows for much earlier ambulation, post-op. Along with the available accessories, it is a perfect fit for any surgical floor.
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Price: $1,018.52
EVA support walkers can help build confidence, increase safety, and allow patients to improve their gait pattern and increase their mobility. Note: This product takes 5-6 weeks to manufacture before it ships.
Price: $2,732.14
EVA Electric Walker with 110v Charger