International Shipping via GlobalShopex



Shopex is a fully integrated solution that enables Ocelco Inc. to sell worldwide. Once you as the international customer add product to the cart and choose the international checkout button at checkout, you are simply transferred to GlobalShopex’s localized checkout page to finalize your order. The checkout is tailored to each individual country; you then can view your guaranteed shipping, duties, and taxes fees in local currency and pay with various international payment methods.

Ocelco Inc. will handle international orders just as they would a USA order, by shipping to GlobalShopex’s in-house warehouse. GlobalShopex will then consolidate the items into one box if needed; ship the order out to you the same day. Once GlobalShopex receives the order from Ocelco Inc. the order will then be trackable and delivered on an average of 4 business days.

Once you choose international checkout the items in your shopping cart will be automatically transferred to our trusted international shipping partner, GlobalShopex’s cart. All order inquires will be directed to them from this point on.

Canadian Customers: Please DO NOT use international checkout. Choose from the other checkout methods available. Ocelco Inc. ships directly to Canada without using the GlobalShopex feature. Any questions please contact our customer service at 1-800-328-5343.

GlobalShopex Contact Info:


GlobalShopex LLC
9990 NW 14th St. Suite 110
Miami, Fl 33172

Phone: (786) 314 7144 | (561) 241 9967
Fax: (786) 845 8824

Call GlobalShopex Local Numbers

Australia (Sydney)
Tel: (612) 9037 0252

United Kingdom
Tel: (020) 3371 9380

Japan (Tokyo)
Tel: (3) 4520 9639

Spain (Madrid)
Tel: (91) 829 5114

South Africa
Tel: (27 10) 500-2487

France (Paris)
Tel: (01) 7666 0593

Mexico (DF)
Tel: (55) 8525 3179

Brazil (Sao Paulo)
Tel: (11) 3957 0408

Peru (Lima)
Tel: (1) 718 0788

Colombia (Bogota)
Tel: (1) 508 2859

Chile (Santiago)
Tel: (2) 368 0900