Lumex Recliners

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Price: $419.00
The Lumex 574G Deluxe Three Position Recliner is specifically designed to improve the comfort and mobility of residents in extended care facilities with an ergonomically designed seat and back.
Price: $985.00
The Lumex 577RG Clinical Care Recliners are ideal for seniors and patients in clinical, rest home, or private settings. This clinical geri chair version has three recline positions to maximize comfort and relaxation in addition to a fourth Trendelenburg position.
Price: $895.00
Lumex 565WG Preferred Care Recliners are specifically designed for bariatric needs. These wide Geri chairs are rated up to 400 pounds and have a smooth reclining feature.
Price: $685.00
Preferred Care Recliner Drop Arm - Model 565DG, Color Choice
Price: $735.00
Preferred Care Recliner Tilt-In-Space - Model FR565DG, Color Choice