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MRI Compatible Emergency VR1 Ventilator w/Regulator and Circuit

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MRI Compatible Emergency VR1 Ventilator w/Regulator and Circuit
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MRI Compatible Emergency VR1 Ventilator w/Regulator and Circuit
MRI Compatible Emergency VR1 Ventilator w/Regulator and Circuit
Product Details

MRI Compatible Emergency VR1 Ventilator w/Regulator and Circuit

The emergency ventilator is designed for caregivers wherever breathing failure emergencies occur: in hospitals, industrial or commercial setting, transport situations, or remote locations. The unit's simplicity, portability, and safety make it the ideal choice for emergency ventilation. A single control for setting the frequency and tidal volume, including a click-stop setting at the recommended adult position, enables rapid set-up in demanding circumstances. Auto/manual controls, a patient demand system, MRI compatibility, and other features provide the means to manage respiratory emergencies.   
1 Year Warranty
Technical Specifications

- Principle of Operation  

Oxygen powered, hand-held control unit with patient valve including automatic and manual modes with demand breathing
- Manual Mode
  Preset breaths, singly or in a controlled
  breathing pattern may be selected by use
  of a push-button or omni-directional lever
- Automatic Mode 
  The ventilatory resuscitator cycles in
  accordance with the setting of a single control
  that changes the tidal volume and frequency
  dependently with a constant I:E ratio of 1:2
- Patient Type
  Patients above 10kg with and without
  spontaneous breathing
- Demand
- Control
  Single, calibrated, tidal volume/frequency
  control gives simultaneous and inter-
  dependent adjustment of tidal volume
  and frequency
- Tidal Volume and Frequency
  150 ml/25 bpm 750 ml/11
  300 ml/20 bpm 900 ml/10 bpm
  450 ml/15 bpm 1050 ml/10 bpm
  600 ml/12 bpm (detent)
- Flow Range
  11-32 L/min
- Air Mix
- Pressure Relief with Pneumatic Alarm
  40 cm H2O standard
  60 cm H2O optional when purchased
- Dimensions
  Length: 6.69 inches (170 mm)
  Width:  3.74 inches (95 mm)
  Height: 3.94 inches (100) including patient valve
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