MRI Stickers

The MRI safety stickers are available in many sizes-from a floor sticker to stickers for small equipment, warnings-include “Magnet always on”, “Do not remove”, and colors-red, green, yellow. The MR stickers should be attached to expensive equipment that cannot be allowed outside the MRI department or equipment that is NOT allowed in an MR environment. The MRI safety stickers can be used in areas where the MRI safety signs will not fit. As with our MRI safety signs, the MRI safety stickers are available in either English or Spanish and in a reflective style that are becoming more commonly used in case of a power outage. We are offering the ASTM Intl. system of labeling devices in and near MR systems. This new system will eliminate much confusion from the 1997 FDA definition of MR safe and MR compatible items.
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Price: $69.10
17" Floor Sticker - Magnet Always On