Safe Solution Anti-Slip Treatment - 24 Tubs (420 Sq Ft)

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Safe Solution Anti-Slip Treatment - 24 Tubs (420 Sq Ft)
Product Details
What is Safe Solution?
The Safe Solution is an exclusive, proprietary product providing unsurpassed anti-slip qualities. It is biodegradable and environmentally safe. It’s a three component chemical solution treatment designed to increase traction by creating microscopic channels in most hard mineral surfaces; such as: ceramic tile, clinker/quarry tile, porcelain tiles, granite, and steel-enamel bathtubs.
The Safe Solution
is a treatment, not a paint or coating, that is applied to non-porous hard mineral surfaces. Prior to the application of the Safe Solution, when water or grease puddle on these surfaces, you were actually hydroplaning on the film of water or contaminants. After the Safe Solution Anti-Slip Treatment System is applied, a microscopic channel is created for the water and oils to be disbursed from under foot, allowing you to make better contact with the surface at all times. "The Safe Solution dramatically increases traction by increasing the coefficient of friction."
The Maintenance Solution
is an antibacterial, nontoxic, high performance, multipurpose cleaner. It’s formulated to be used from the toughest commercial applications to cleaning windows. Its dilution capabilities make it a cost efficient and effective daily cleaning regimen for a myriad of industrial, commercial, and residential uses. Recommended for cleaning floors and tubs treated with "Safe Solution".
For larger quantities, please call for special pricing! Full application and maintenance programs are available where we take care of everything.
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