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Curtain Tracking Information

Need help?  We will be happy to assist you in selecting the correct curtain tracking and parts for your curtain track setup. We will also help you select the correct cubicle curtain size. We will be happy to help in any way we can with your curtain tracking and cubicle curtain order. The information below was put together to help you with your tracking and curtain questions. If you do not find what you are looking for or would rather call with your questions, please feel free to call us toll free at 800-328-5343 and a friendly customer service representative will be happy to assist you.

Curtain Tracking Hardware
Ocelco Inc supplies a variety of curtain tracking and hospital curtain track hardware. Ocelco’s tracking hardware and curtain tracking is perfect for new construction jobs as well as repairing existing tracking. Ocelco sells all the curtain tracking parts and medical track hardware necessary to create complete, customized curtain tracking solutions that fit your needs. Ocelco’s curtain tracking parts are constructed from anodized 16 gauge aluminum, heavy duty nylon material, PVC, and nickel-plated brass and steel. Each of our hospital curtain tracking parts is extremely durable and long-lasting - perfect for extended use. Make sure to not be left in a compromised or embarrassing position. Check your curtain tracking and track hardware often for signs of wear or damage. Ocelco carries a full line of replacement hardware to repair that worn tracking and restore it to a new state.

Curtain Tracking Installation Tip
Prior to installing the curtain tracking hardware, the job should be laid out on the floor first by placing the track on the floor in its intended position and the fittings in their location. This will prove valuable not only in determining whether the required number of parts and/or accessories is actually on hand, but also in determining their proper location and placement.

Curtain Tracking
Ocelco’s curtain tracking is made with 16 gauge extruded aluminum. Our curtain tracking is sold in 8 foot lengths. The curtain tracking can be attached to many ceiling types, screw directly to solid ceilings, use ceiling clips to attach curtain tracking to suspended ceiling or use suspension tube to drop curtain tracking  in areas with high ceilings or where obstructions prevent mounting the curtain track directly to the ceiling. Curtain tracking curves are bent to 12 inch radius, available in 90 deg. and 45 deg. bends, 2 feet by 2 feet. Other curtain tracking bends and curves are available upon special request.

Ceiling Clips
Use ceiling clips to attach curtain tracking to T-bar on suspended ceilings. Recommended spacing is every 2 feet 6 inches.

Splicing Clamps
Use anodized aluminum sleeve for joining and extending curtain track sections. A splicing clamp should be used whenever joining two pieces of curtain track together to assure proper alignment of curtain track channels.

End Stops
Use curtain tracking end stops to prevent curtain carriers from slipping out of the end of curtain tracking. A end stop should be placed at both ends of the curtain tracking setup. One end should contain a snap out fitting in the end stop, to allow for easy installation and replacement of curtain carriers.

Snap Out Fitting
Use a snap out fitting along with a end stop at the end of you curtain track to allow for easy installation and replacement of curtain carriers. Snap out fittings easily come out to allow access to the track to install or replace your curtain carriers, without having to remove the curtain track from the ceiling.

Joining Sleeve
Use a joining sleeve when connecting straight section of curtain track to curved curtain tracking. Works well when suspending curtain tracking from ceiling. Made with anodized aluminum.

Curtain Track Carriers
Curtain track carriers should be spaced every 6” on curtain tracking. Block supported from 2 nylon wheels. Plated swivel and curtain hook for effortless and quiet curtain movement.

Suspension Tube
Use suspension tube to drop curtain tracking in areas with high ceilings or where obstructions prevent mounting the curtain track directly to the ceiling. Mount suspension tube to ceiling with ceiling flange. Connect suspension tube to curtain tracking with screw insert. Connect the curtain track to wall with nylon wall bracket. Recommended spacing for suspension tubing is every 6 feet. Suspension tube sold in 8 foot lengths. Made with 7/8” O.D. hollow aluminum tubing.

Ceiling Flange
Use to connect suspension tubing to ceiling. Constructed of heavy-duty aluminum.

Nylon Wall Bracket
Used to connect curtain tracking to wall in suspended applications.

Used to join 2 curtain tracks into 90 deg. in suspended applications.

Cross Bracket
Used to join curtain tracking in suspended applications. Center piece subdivides 4-bed areas.

Curtain Tie Back
Used to tie back curtain at curtain tracking end. Chain constructed of nickel-plated brass.

Drop Chain
Use when ventilation space is required and mesh top is not an option. Drop chain is 18” long, constructed of nickel-plated steel. Other lengths available upon request.

PVC Drop Strip
Use when ventilation space is required and mesh top is not an option. Hole on top slips over curtain carrier. Plated hook at bottom to connect to cubicle curtain. PVC drop strip is 18” long

Cubicle Curtain Information

There are many cubicle curtain sizes available. If you need help choosing the correct cubicle curtain size, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you. Can’t find the size cubicle curtain you need? Custom size cubicle curtains are available upon request.

Choose from many styles and colors of cubicle curtains. Ocelco is proud to supply a wide range of cubicle curtains and medical curtains that come meshed or without mesh. These cubicle curtains also come in a variety of sizes and colors, perfect for your individual needs to use as hospital curtains or for other purposes. All Ocelco Inc cubicle curtains and hospital curtains are made with inherently fire retardant material that is durable, safe, and lasts throughout the lifetime of the cubicle curtain. The top FR nylon mesh with 1 1/2" woven, snag free header, combined with our #2 grommet, provides superior durability and long lasting performance. Our blackout curtain fabrics provide a 98% room darkening atmosphere for laboratory and laser work, as well as for photography studios.

Cubicle Curtains are available with or without mesh.

Monitor quality varies from computer to computer and some colors may not appear on your screen as they do in reality. We cannot be responsible for color variation on cubicle curtain orders due to poor monitor quality. Please contact us for a fabric sample of your selection if you have any hesitation. All cubicle curtains are made to order and customized to each customer’s unique needs. Typical hospital curtain sizes range from 72” to 234” wide and 84” to 108” long. Additional sizes may be available; simply call our toll-free number 800-328-5343 and our representatives will help you find the right size. Allow 10 business days for shipment of all cubicle curtain orders. Ocelco guarantees the material of all curtains for one year against defects under normal handling and construction. Ocelco cubicle curtains and hospital curtains are very versatile, able to be used for a variety of additional uses including but not limited to serving as photography backdrops and many others.

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